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Joseph Young

Software engineer specializing in building and testing exceptional digital experiences. Scroll down to learn more.

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I am a software engineer with multiple years of experience coding, debugging, testing, and troubleshooting in application development processes. I work primarily in Javascript with HTML, CSS, React, Redux, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, and have a special interest in Web Accessibility.

I design, build, and manage websites for a number of clients. In addition to graduating from Fullstack Academy's Intensive Immersion program, I have also earned certifications in Data Science with Python from MIT via EdX.org.

Fun Fact: I am also in the Army Reserves where I am an Executive Officer for a military band, and we play lots of wonderful music!

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Select Projects

Weather App

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Built within this website and using the OpenWeatherMap API, I built an app to retrieve the weather for any given city.

Music Memory

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A hackathon challenge by Mintbean.io with a short turnaround, my goal was to make a game that tests the ability of the user to remember and playback different arrangements of pitches and also strengthen their tonal and visual memory.


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Built with a MERN stack, this app demonstrates use of fullstack software engineering. You can easily add and delete users, and order them according to different criteria, including username, first name, last name, and age. Additionally, this app allows for passwords that are entered to be hashed and stored securely.


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Inspired by Wordle, this game involves guessing the correct, best season out of all four seasons. 😂

Countdown Timer

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A simple, animated countdown timer

Countdown Timer

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A basic calculator built with Typescript

Relevant Experience


I'm always looking to collaborate on projects that improve the user experience and help make the world a bit better.

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